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Why Professional Parking Services?


Professional Parking Services Ownership has managed different parking environments in the region for over 20 years - any and all aspect of any and all parking situation! PPS applies a "true" boutique approach, and emphasizes the customization of each and every customer and client - "one-size-fits-all is not an approach to parking!


Professional Parking Services believes, and focuses, on a "hands-on" customer service approach. PPS stresses the importance of professionalism, appearance (staff and "curb") and flexibility relating to every customer.


Professional Parking Services consistently maintains a proactive nature to every parking endeavor and challenge. PPS consistently monitors every detail, and remains proactive, attentive and responsive to all parking challenges set forth.


Professional Parking Services adheres to an ethical obligation to provide services in an efficient nature, without compromising service. PPS intensely studies and investigates to ensure all aspects of a parking service are operating with efficiency - efficiency always saves!


Professional Parking Services Executive team remains personally involved in the daily operation of each parking management service. Furthermore, the Executive team will always be the direct point of contact - PPS remains committed to the "boutique" approach, not the "bottom line"!

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