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Customer Testimonials

"Professional Parking Services brings a touch of class and smooth efficiency to our customer's parties, weddings and other gatherings."

Mike Redcay

Operating Partner for Cameron Mitchell Premier Events

 "I am very satisfied with the new team and the results of the garage.  It has never been so clean, we are now taking care of deferred maintenance and our security is seamlessly integrated with the onsite management and the results show.  I must say it is running better than ever before." 

                              Jeff Meacham

VP and Partner, Elford Development

Healthcare Valet Parking Services

Whether visiting a primary care physician’s office or a large hospital, patients are anxious and focused on getting help and answers from the doctors and nurses they trust. Our goal is to be the first caring encounter your patients and their family members experience upon arrival.

Valet Service

From couples sitting down to a world class meal on that special night out, to a business executive enjoying a drink at the beautiful mahogany bar, you put your life and time into each and every inch of your restaurant. Professional Parking Services will stand under the sign hanging over you front door and help your customers transition seamlessly from the everyday to that special night out.

Hotel Hospitality Services

Your hotel strives to be "Best in Class" every day. From reservations to check-in, house staff to maintenance, you are professional, courteous and proactive. Professional Parking Services shares these same traits and wants to be a small part of that "Best in Class." Out front in any weather, we make your guests feel welcome and part of your family.

Parking Management for Large Events, Venues and Festivals

Does your group or non-profit spend months meticulously planning a large, once per year, multi-day festival or event? Maybe your business is organizing a holiday gathering for hundreds of employees. Professional Parking Services, through Nannu Singh's 20+ years of experience with large events, will work in tandem with you to help accomplish the event you envisage.    

Special Event Parking Services

Thinking about having a private party at your home for friends and family? Perhaps a small business gathering or wedding? Professional Parking Services will be there from the parties initial planning stages or at the last minute, if you decide you need our services only days before the event. 

Parking Garage


Lot Management

Whether you have a thirty space lot or a five hundred space garage, Professional Parking Services has the solution to maximize revenue and efficiency, putting more of the profit where it belongs...with you.


Parking enforcement can be a real challenge for customers to implement.  Our platform allows us to handle the enforcement process from start to finish, from issuing the violation through entire 

adjudication process. This service can be applied apartment complexes, parking lots, venues, municipalities, universities and garages.


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